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Okra Starter Kit for mammalian cells

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This starter kit is useful for your first fluorescent RNA labeling and imaging in mammalian cells using Okra. The kit includes ACE ligands, one plasmid expresses F30-Okra by U6 promoter, two plasmids expresses 4XdOkra tandem array tagged to the RNA of mCherry, or the mCherry sequence replaced by 5' multiple cloning site.  

1.        ACE                                          Cat.#: A15051            Size:S                             

2.        pAPU6-F30-Okra                          Cat.#: PAPU6F30O

3.        pCDNA3.1-MCS-4xdOkra           Cat.#: PCDNA04OMCS1

4.        pCDNA3.1-mCherry-4xdOkra    Cat.#: pAPU608MCS2